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Q: Is paintball safe for children?

A: Paintball is as safe for children as it is for adults. Delta Force Paintball attempts to separate all junior activity from adult games, unless otherwise stated on the day. There are often groups of mixed ages (when parents like to play with their children, or there are older siblings joining in etc). To find out more about the nature of the activity and for parents to decide for themselves whether their particular child is hardy, and mature enough to participate in paintball, please read the ‘Information for Parents’ guide.

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: The minimum age to play regular paintball at national paintball centres in the UK is 10 years old. All players under the age of 16 years require a parental consent form to be signed by a parent or guardian before play commences. You can request these forms in advance at the time of booking.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. The games go ahead regardless, in all weather conditions. All the game zones are outdoors, but there are sheltered areas and lockers available to hire in the base camp where you can store your gear between games. Participants may like to wear a thin layer of waterproof clothing under the combat suit issued to them for the day.

Q: What should we wear on the day?

A: Please wear old, comfortable clothing. You will be issued with overalls on the day, but we suggest you wear loose clothing underneath. We strongly recommend boots with ankle support and deep tread/rubber soles – it can be muddy, wet and slippery in the woodlands. No high heels or flip-flops please! Paintball gloves are available to buy at the centre, or you can bring your own.

Q. What do I do if I get lost trying to find the centre?

A. To avoid getting lost we suggest you make sure all drivers in your group print the directions from the website and take these with them. If you do have trouble finding the centre, call us on 0844 477 5020* and one of our friendly staff will assist you in finding the paintball centre.

Q: What time do we start?

A: For Morning Session Arrival 9:00am – Finish 12:00pm and for Afternoon Session Arrival 1:00pm – Finish 4:00pm.

Q: What happens on the day?

A: On arrival you will be greeted by Delta Force Paintball staff who will show you to our basecamp once check-in is completed. After filling in a registration form and paying any monies due, you will be issued with all your equipment and clothing followed by an introduction and safety speech. Then the action starts!

Q: How many games do we play?

A: Normally you play 12 – 14 games. In wintertime it could be less depending on whether there is enough light to play.

Q: How long does each paintball game last?

A: Each game lasts for about 10-15 minutes. However the day is also filled out with game planning and briefings and you are also given a break of approximately 10 minutes between each game to reload and refuel with snacks from our shop.

Q. Can I bring my own paintballs?

A. For health and safety reasons, and to maintain a consistent safety standard across all centres, you can only use paintballs issued by Delta Force Paintball on the day of your event.

Q: What additional items are there available on the day?

A: Additional items such as paintballs, lunch, gloves and paintball grenades (for players aged 18+ years) can be purchased from the paintball shop at national centres with cash or card (verified by pin only). Please note we do not accept payment at the centre by cheque.

Q. How many paintballs will I require for the day?

A: There is no way of knowing how many paintballs any player will use, as it is completely dependent on how trigger-happy you are. It is entirely up to each person how many paintballs they would like to use. The average use across the entire the company (by children and adults) is 400-500 paintballs per person per day. You can purchase paintballs at the centre throughout the day, during the breaks between games.

Q: What food and drink is available at the centre?

A: Only snacks are available on site.

Q: How do I book?

A: To book a day of paintball using the charity paintball tickets, all you need to do is call us on 0844 477 5020 and speak to one of our friendly operators to check availability and book your event, alternatively you can email us and we will call you straight back or you can ask us to call you at a particular time. When you book, you will be required to pay the booking office for the first 100 paintballs per person at a cost of £7.99 each. When booking at a local paintball centre a £9.99 payment is required per person for the 1st 100 paintballs each. All bookings are subject to a 6.99% service fee. * Old style charity fundraising tickets require a payment of £4.99 per person for the first 50 paintballs per person.

If you have any further questions – please call 0844 477 5020*. Friendly operators are waiting to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week