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At Delta Force Paintball, our paramount concern is the safety of our players. That’s why we provide our customers with nothing but the safest, cleanest and best quality paintball equipment that money can buy.

The most important piece of paintball equipment is a set of paintball goggles. Delta Force is the only paintball provider in the UK to offer the very latest full head protection goggle system with anti-fog lenses to every one of our customers at no extra cost.

All Delta Force Paintball centres in the UK stock the 0.68 calibre semi-automatic paintball gun. Our semi-automatic paintball guns are rapid firing, well-finished paintball guns that allow first time players and veterans alike to play with a marker that gives serious accuracy and firepower.

For all the aspiring Rambos and Ramboettes out there, M16 replica Machine guns are now exclusively available for hire at all Delta Force national paintball centres.

Complete with an 11″ barrel, built-in sight, collapsible stock and removable magazine, the M16 is the perfect accessory to make your day of paintball the ultimate paintball event! The M16s are only available for rental on the day of your event, and numbers are limited so be sure to secure your M16 before it’s too late.

Our freshly laundered, specially padded combat suits offer extra protection and come in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. When coupled with our full head protection goggles, our customers are completely protected from painful shots to the head and neck area.

Delta Force Paintball also supplies the latest in custom-designed paintball body armour to all players, entirely free of charge. These rigid plastic plates are woven into a custom designed, fully ventilated mesh waistcoat, which keeps your upper torso protected while retaining flexibility.